Shreveport Coming Soon!

Program Overview

CHANGEMAKERS aims to empower Shreveport community leaders from various constituencies with the knowledge and skills to address complex education issues and to work together to ensure equitable access to an excellent school for every student in our community. CHANGEMAKERS will work with participants to heighten awareness and understanding of current and future issues of importance facing education in Shreveport. Leaders will be empowered with a deep understanding of the educational challenges and opportunities facing Shreveport to share knowledge with others effectively.

The ten-month program provides class members with a deep understanding of the education ecosystem through exposure to current and future issues impacting education in our city. The program includes monthly discussion sessions, school tours, city visits, and other activities. There is no cost to apply or participate.

Application Process

Applicants from all segments of the community are encouraged to participate. The ideal class will include individuals with varied educational and cultural backgrounds who live across the community. Class size is limited. Applicants who have been selected to participate will be notified by email.