Our Work

The Alliance was created with a goal of ensuring that students are at the forefront of school improvement decisions in Baton Rouge, and that a diverse coalition of families, civic leaders, elected officials, and business leaders from across the parish are engaged in driving a more successful future for students in EBR. I believe that our work together will ensure Baton Rouge’s future by uplifting the innate potential in every child in every corner of our community. We are a team of people absolutely committed to choosing kids over adults and building a future for our city-parish in which all students receive an excellent education, and we’re ready to get to work.

BR Youth Voice
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The Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative aims to increase student capacity to engage with local decision makers through meaningful dialogue and storytelling. The Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative serves as a catalyst to engage students about their education system, creating a sustainable pathway for the inclusion of student voice.

CHANGEMAKERS is a cohort of community leaders, and education advocates focused on the pressing issues and future in the schools of East Baton Rouge. Find out more information on the application process to join CHANGEMAKERS.

Each year, local and national experts join for a conversation on how Baton Rouge and the nation can deliver on the promise of high-quality public education. Our 2023 event included keynote speaker Dr. Lisa D. Delpit and a special podcast from The 8 Black Hands.

The Red Stick Schools Guide will provide families with access to comprehensive information about school options in the Baton Rouge community. School profiles in the guide include district, private, charter, and Catholic schools. The full-color publication offers a resource for newcomers and long-time residents alike. The guide empowers parents with information so they can make informed school choice decisions and better understand the city’s educational landscape.