Community Building Grants

Baton Rouge Alliance for Students is invested in building community and supporting the mission of organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for Baton Rouge students.

Recognizing that our work is best done in service to and partnership with the community, we are offering Community Building Grants that will deepen relationships and support the mission of aligned organizations and initiatives.

This commitment works to further the Alliance’s goal of creating a robust and vibrant community through equitable access to high-quality education for every child.

The Alliance has identified 6 priority areas for investment

Community Building Grants supporting the following priority areas will be given funding preference: 
  • Equity: Projects demonstrate the Alliance’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Student growth and development: Efforts provide services and support for students and families
  • Leadership development: Programming encourages the development of a diverse pipeline of community leaders
  • Family and community voice: Programming encourages the development of community advocacy
  • Youth empowerment: Projects provide opportunities for the elevation of student voices
  • Out-of-School Time: Programming impacts after-school and summer learning experiences

The Director of Advocacy and Family Engagement will work with grantees to ensure their submission of a final report summarizing the program’s impact.

Community Building Grant awards may range in value from $2,000 to $25,000 and are tailored to each organization’s needs.

Failure to properly document and report the use of funds may prevent access to future funding opportunities. 

The Alliance is excited to offer grants to support the work of local organizations.
Applications for the 2022 grant cycle will close on December 2nd, 2022,
at the time the selection committee will review applications.
Grants will be awarded by December 7th, 2022.