After an enlightening day of North Baton Rouge school tours in November, the Alliance team and current CHANGEMAKERS toured three schools in the South Baton Rouge area this month. The CHANGEMAKERS had the opportunity to tour Parkview Baptist, BASIS Materra, and Woodlawn High School. CHANGEMAKERS heard from school leaders and learned about their innovative school models and programmatic offerings.


The Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative, a collaborative project of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, Baton Rouge Alliance for Students and Safe, Hopeful, Healthy BR, launched in February. A key component of the Initiative, the Truth Booth, can be found popping up in locations across the parish. 

The Initiative seeks to identify student perspectives on areas of need in Baton Rouge, elevate student voice in K12 education policy, and develop a pipeline for student engagement at all levels of EBR government systems.

The interactive Truth Booth interactive experience allows Baton Rouge students to lend their voices, be heard, and share their perspectives on the improvements they would like to see in their schools and communities. 

The Truth Booth allows students to tell their stories and engage in meaningful dialogue with local decision-makers through a digital experience. 

Baton Rouge Alliance for Students and Mayor Broome Announce Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative

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Baton Rouge Alliance for Students and Mayor Broome Announce Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative 

Baton Rouge, La. — February 17, 2022 —Baton Rouge Alliance for Students,  announced a collaboration between the Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome. Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council’s (MYAC), and Safe, Hopeful Healthy BR to form the Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative. 

The Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative seeks to identify the highest areas of need for students within the community; elevate the voice of students in K-12 education policy; and develop a pipeline for engagement at all levels within the City-Parish government and local government agencies. 

“This collaboration is a major stepping stone in elevating and empowering youth in our community – The Youth Voice Initiative will allow our students to share their stories, their needs, and goals, allowing them to advocate for themselves and their peers,” said Mayor Broome. “Our students are in our schools everyday, and they can provide valuable insight on what we as leaders can do to strengthen their futures.”

The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students will engage consultants guided by national best practices to conduct a comprehensive listening series resulting in the production of a student-driven report on education in East Baton Rouge Parish. 

“In creating a future for EBR’s youth in which they achieve the lives they deserve and desire, amplifying their experiences must be at the forefront of system-design, ” said Adonica Pelichet Duggan, CEO of Baton Rouge Alliance for Students. “We believe an excellent education is every child’s birthright, and that understanding the experience of young people is a key way to assess how our community is faring in delivering that birthright.”

This partnership will engage students from the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council as social media ambassadors, focus group participants and youth liaisons. Students will participate in a listening series, conduct peer interviews and take part in focus groups. The project management team will gather survey data and produce a report as well as capture and document the process through a series of collateral materials including but not limited to video stories, podcast appearances, earned-media and social media campaigns.

All East Baton Rouge Parish students are encouraged to participate in the Youth Voice Initiative. For more information about The Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative or to take the survey online, parents and students can visit



Lauren-Brianna Fields joins our team as our Communications Director. Lauren was formerly a communication and digital media consultant, working for the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative, HealthyBR, where she saw HealthyBR through the communications and messaging around COVID response. Lauren has a background in marketing, events, and business. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from LSU in 2011 and spent time living in Washington DC and New York before returning home to Louisiana in 2017.

Korey Ryder joins the Alliance as our Political Director. Korey and his partner have lived in Houston for three years and are excited about returning to Baton Rouge. Korey has been working in politics and campaigns since 2014, having started as a legislative aide for the Jefferson Parish Legislative Delegation while earning his political science degree. His most recent work has been with The Political Firm, managing and organizing campaigns for political offices ranging from Mayor to U.S. Congress.