The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students Announces Education As A Civil Right

A Community conversation exploring the history and educational landscape of Baton Rouge

A look back at an exciting year!

Looking back at 2022 as we prepare for what’s ahead! Take a look back at our impactful year.

$100,000 Awarded for Community Building

Baton Rouge Alliance for Students announces Community Grants

Students Voice Their Truth on Learning Needs Post Pandemic

Baton Rouge Alliance for Students release report from listening series with local high school students.

ChangeMakers Collage

Baton Rouge Alliance for Students Announces 2022-23 CHANGEMAKERS

The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students announced the 2022-23 class of CHANGEMAKERS, Wednesday morning.

It is easier to shop for a new car than a great school

It’s Harder to Enroll in Baton Rouge Schools than it Should Be

Enrolling your student in Baton Rouge’s best public schools is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

ChangeMakers Header, Baton rouge buildings

Applications for CHANGEMAKERS Education Leadership Class Now Open

Baton Rouge Alliance for Students open applications for CHANGEMAKERS, an 8-month education leadership cohort supporting equity in education.

In Staffing Changes and Everything Else, the District Must Engage Communities Before Taking Action

The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students is committed to funding equitable and student-based budgeting that prioritizes directing resources to address the needs of our most vulnerable students.

ChangeMakers group photo from tour


The CHANGEMAKERS had the opportunity to tour Parkview Baptist, BASIS Materra, and Woodlawn High School.

Truth Booth Launch flyer


The Initiative seeks to identify student perspectives on areas of need in Baton Rouge, elevate student voice in K12 education policy, and develop a pipeline for student engagement at all levels of EBR government systems.