Students Voice Their Truth on Learning Needs Post Pandemic

Baton Rouge Alliance for Students release report from listening series with local high school students.

(Baton Rouge, LA)– The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students announced the release of the Youth Voice Report Tuesday, culminating in the Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative launched earlier this year. The Initiative was a collaborative project of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, Baton Rouge Alliance for Students, and Safe, Hopeful, Healthy BR. The project focused on elevating students’ voices and identifying the highest areas of need in the community from a student’s perspective through conducting a comprehensive listening series. The data through this Initiative found that students’ concerns mirror national trends, including a need for more quality educators and access to resources supporting mental health.

“We believe that an excellent education is every child’s birthright, and are committed to helping that become a reality – starting with listening to our most important stakeholders–the students. In the report, you’ll find student-driven results. We encouraged young people to show up as their authentic selves to share their stories, hopes, and vision of how Baton Rouge can better prepare them for their futures,” Adonica Pelichet Duggan, CEO at Baton Rouge Alliance for Students. 

The report is a compilation of student input from high school students throughout Baton Rouge. The report compares Baton Rouge education by the numbers, with the average ACT score and graduation rates. The Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative reached over 500 Baton Rouge students with a listening series to take notice of their experiences and evaluate their opinions across the city via video confessionals and digital surveys. It also helped students advocate on their behalf and in their own words. Despite the diversity of student experience throughout the city, including school type and geography–common themes emerged in both the video and survey feedback. Students felt inspired to participate and hoped to be a part of a conversation that expressed their concerns for a better education system. To hear the students’ voices and learn more about The Baton Rouge Youth Voice Initiative, visit